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Kennie-O cold chain logistics has a nationwide presence, whether your business is temperature – sensitive food stuffs or non -food merchandise like flowers, pharmaceutics or vegetables. Cold Storage and Distribution,Reefer Equipment Availability,Intermodal/State Transportation  we got you covered.

We operate throughout the nation, delivering ambient, chilled and frozen products, pallets, parcels and emergency items. We understand that time-critical deliveries need to be made whenever they are required and we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You can be assured our staff will be a positive extension of your own company and ensure your reputation is enhanced through professional distribution.


Listed below are the services we render

Intermodal/State Transportation

Qualitative transportation services at affordable price.

Pharmaceutical logistics services

We provide fully fledged specialized pharmaceutical logistics services

Turning Post-Harvest Loss To Gain

We provide access to freshness, promoting nutrition, affordably and food safety 

Reefer Equipment Availability

A refrigerated container or reefer is an intermodal container for cooling

Infrastructure Deployment

We setup, deploy cold chain infrastructure


 We provide quality training  for the cold chain logistics workforce.

Solutions and Nutrition Benefits of our service

In Nigeria, over 45% of our fruits and vegetables production valued at $9Bn are wasted annually. (Source FAO/FIIRO 2013). This is a leading cause of hunger, malnutrition and under nutrition in Nigeria with an estimated market population of over 198 million people.

Our goal at KCCL is to service 5% of this market in the next 5 years.


Solutions and Nutrition Benefits

We help preserve nutrients in fruits, vegetables and animal products by

  • Ensuring safe handling of product off take from farms
  • Transporting products under optimum controlled temperatures, in a timely manner
  • Pack-house services to ensure proper cleaning, sorting, packing and storage
  • Cold-room services that help ensure all-year-round availability of fresh fruits, vegetables and animal products, without any chemical preservatives.
  • Distribution of fresh food products to retail chain stores, events and corporate deliveries within Nigeria.


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