Excellent end-to-end cold chain

OUR STORY: Kennie-O Cold Chain Logistics (KCCL)

is an indigenous company that specializes in preserving the natural nutrients of fruits, vegetables and animal products in Nigeria by providing excellent end-to-end cold chain and logistics services for the fresh foods sector. Kccl.com.ng

We learnt from experience, leveraged insights from market surveys and commenced Kennie-O Cold Chain Logistics (KCCL) in 2015 to promote food and nutrients preservation in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, over 45% of our fruits and vegetables production valued at $9Bn are wasted annually.

Current Revenue Model in %
Truck Hire Service
Fruits & Vegetables
Cold Storage and Distribution

Progress and Impact Made So Far

 We have been able to acquire cooling trucks, our market has been well tested, proof of concept validated.

– 3005 Women Farmers
– Fully automated Packing House
– Cooling Trucks
– Cold room (80 tons)
– Returnable Plastic Crates(RPC)
– 1 Office facility
– 10 Partnerships

Building Your Cold Chain Logistics For Sustainable Profit

DATE: 23rd – 24th July,  2021
TIME: 10:00 – 12:00 WAT
VENUE: Live on Zoom

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Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions

Device Capabilities
– Location
– Temparature
– Humidity
– Door Opening
– Magnetic Sensor
– Route Planning
– Real Time Monitoring
– Data Integrity
– Automation
– Cope With Emergency

Qualified Team Members.

Our team of experienced supply chain professionals leverage on our unparalleled distribution network with you from start to finish, designing and implementing your unique supply chain model. We are looking forward for a long lasting relationship with you .

Shokunbi A. Tina

Park House Supervisor

Ibrahim Aliyu-Bawan'Allah

Head, Supply Chain

Ajibola Oluwatosin


Industry Partners

Industry Partners

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